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equine art.
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I'm still finding a place in the artist world. I have a great appreciation for art...I just wish I could execute it better. I'm starting to find my niche with trees, forest landscapes, etc. but I'd give my pinky toe to be able to paint a gorgeous portrait :heart:


Firefly by geometric-harmartia
Seeing Keavy's new design gave me a burst of inspiration~ So, I decided to make fanart whooop!

Featuring Masozi

Early Autumn, Year 763 Of the New Age

Blackwood, in the forest near Uir's Meadow

The day had begun with all the promise of pleasantry. Rays of sun had pierced the late-summer overcast, and the air was moist and cool. The scent of autumn rainfall hung in the atmosphere, and those who thought the summer heat abhorrent finally had something to look forward to. All the while, the ancient pines of Blackwood embraced the changing conditions with nill physical effect. They took on each new season with resilience and resolute conduct, as did the creatures that made a home in their shade.

Masozi passed beneath their spiny limbs with cool relaxation. She was thrilled that summer was nearly over, but the rut had not yet begun. It seemed stags were all but useless for six months out of the year. In the spring, they turned into leeches, sucking up to every request of the doe that honored them by bearing their children. In the fall, they were fumbling nuisances who fought for the attention of females that deserved better. The whole cycle was disgusting to the smokey black fae.

As Masozi ducked beneath the branches of a young fir, she emerged into a small clearing. A hollowed log rested at its center, with moss clinging to its back, and fuzzy, spruce saplings surrounding its base. Sunlight trickled into the little dell, illuminating the greenery.

Masozi nibbled on some wild forest lettuce that grew among the pine needles and fallen leaves. She grazed for a while, before she found herself eyeing some polypore mushrooms that were growing off the side of the log. Her amber gaze drifted across them, as she tried to figure out if they were edible. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the chance to look to long, as something distracted her from her ponderings. On the highest point of the log, a sprout had appeared that Masozi hadn’t noticed before. She tried to categorize it from what she could see. It had tiny thorns lining its stem. The fae racked her brain. After a summer of practicing, she should be fairly fluent in herbalism, right? Yet, for some reason, this one was a mystery to her. Instead of giving up and walking away, like she would normally do, Masozi felt as though the plant almost seemed to be encouraging her to keep her eyes locked on it.

Then, suddenly, it moved! There wasn’t a hint of a breeze in the glade. ‘What on earth?!’ Masozi thought, deeply confused. Still, she kept her vision fixated on the plant. It started shifting, bending left and right, until the femme realized with a gasp that it was growing! How was this possible? She backed away, but still the little shoot continued, until five distinct sepals and a bulb burst forth. The round, green sphere bloated, until velvet petals fanned out in a spiral around the origin, forming the largest, most obscure-looking rose Masozi had ever laid eyes on!

The doe shuddered in horror, noticing the unusual color seemingly soak up all the light in the forest. It was pure obsidian in shade.

Masozi’s whole body was trembling, as she thought hard for a moment. Had . . . she done that? The magic she had been suppressing all these years must have leaked out, and conjured up this hideous bloom.

Upon realizing this, something else caught her attention, and her gaze shot up. 
In the shadows of the dell, something tall and graceful swerved toward the adolescent. The scent of wolf accompanied whatever it was, but Masozi was certain this creature couldn’t be a canid. No, it was distinctly limber; it’s neck long and arched and it’s movement elegant. It was a fawnling! But . . . why did it smell so strange? Had it just been in a fight?

An eerie fog had begun to roll in, encircling the fae in a milky, grey cloud. A voice came from the trees, nearly as a whisper. It cooed her name.

Masozi then forgot her training. The feeling this mist evoked was far more profound than anything she’d experienced with a Blackwood witch before. Never had she made a sound so filled with terror, but with a bloodcurdling shriek, she fled the clearing, leaving the rose shimmering in all its inky, black glory at its center.


After the doe departed, two black eyes remained locked on where Masozi had fled, and to the forest, the voice of the night said softly, “She’s not ready.”

Soon following, the cloud that hung over the clearing vanished, and the rose withered into the moss. 

Words: 747
A Visitor From the Night World
Shrug  Could this be?? Foreshadowing? Ohmygoodness whaaaat? Crazy. Woohooooo! 

+1 accidental magic - lit - 400-999 words
Ronan | Buck | Haven | Junior Guard by geometric-harmartia
Ronan | Buck | Haven | Junior Guard

Guardian of Flowers

First Look

Name: Ronan
Gender: Male
Age: 6 years (pictured at 7-8 years)
Year of Birth: Spring, year 758 of the New Age
Height: will be ~11h
Build: Light-medium
Phenotype: Amber Ivory Champagne ~ Bay base w/ 1 cream gene + 1 champagne gene + partially restricted fawn
Genotype: Ee/Aa/nCr/nCh/fwfw/nrz
Eye Colour: Amber-brown/bright brown
Design Sheet: 
Old Refs:
    -fawn/<4 years
    -4-6 years

Herd: Glenmore
Magic: Earth
Heritage: King Drustan x Luz
Bloodline: 100% Glenmore
Herd Position: Herd member
Mate(s): N/A
Current Location: Glenmore, Glenwood

Skill Points

Speed: 7 [Basic]
Stamina: 8 [Basic]
Strength: 5 [Basic] (Build Cap: 19 points max)
Magic: 3 [Basic]
Herbs: 0 [No Level]

Experience: 0


+3 speed - base bonus
+4 stamina - base bonus
+3 strength - base bonus
+3 magic - hereditary bonus
+4 stamina - see below
+ 4 speed - see below
+ 2 strength - see below



Homosexual ~ Very airy demeanor ~ Often flits from one place/thought to another without hesitating ~ Enjoys time alone ~ Adores his mother ~ Doesn't care what you think

Previously teased by others for his build and pigment ~ Son of the illegitimate king ~ Son of a dark-furred commoner 

Ronan has settled well into his home at Haven, and is steadily recovering from the isolation of his childhood. He is becoming more social, though still spends a fair bit of time on his own. He's become more confident, and though he still loves dressing himself in lovely floral adornments, he no longer feels he needs to pretend to be a doe to get by in life. He is flamboyant and loving, and doesn't take anyone's hogwash. 

Due to his mother's tender nurturing as a fawn, and her love of plants and earth magic, Ronan developed a deep respect for all things natural. He realizes how harmful the structure of the main herd was, and wants to protect the land that he lives in from the poisonous ways of the royals, and any other who might disrespect another for simply being born different. In Ronan's eyes, this behavior is an insult to the earth, so he has decided to do all he can to defend Haven, and has taken up rank as a guard to watch over the beautiful territory he calls home.


A bit on short side, and a bit on the light side, and a bit on the pale side . . . Ronan isn't exactly what you would call a stud in Glenmore. However, this is of no concern to him. He appreciates that his build can carry him swiftly and quietly through the forest. His porcelain pelt is accented with little "snowflake" markings, as his mother likes to call them, patterning his rump. He sports brown freckles around his eyes (trait of his phenotype). His hair is spiced with streaks of ginger, though his tail is particularly shorter than most fawnlings'. His face and frame are rather feminine, as he takes after his father's "pretty boy" look, combined with his mother's petite figure. From a distance, one could easily mistake him for a girl.

Horn Reference


Ronan was born into the main Glenmore herd several years prior to Drustan's dethroning. Though he was looked upon as a lord in some respects, he was still teased ruthlessly for his pelt and his lineage. As a fawn, and well into his adolescent years, Ronan took solace under the guise of a doe. He found that putting flowers in his air, and keeping a good distance from the other bucks helped block out some of the ridicule. He spent his days off on his own most of the time, but also found comfort in the presence of siblings. 

When Drustan and his family chose to split off from the main herd, Ronan accompanied his mother. They've carved out a better life in Haven, and Ronan has gained a tremendous amount of confidence since the move. As he grew, he began to realize that he still enjoyed putting flowers in his hair, and has gained a better understanding of his sexual orientation, though at this point in his life it is all still very confusing and unclear.

~ Year 758 ~
Discouragement (+1 stamina)

~ Year 759 ~

~ Year 760 ~

~ Year 761 ~

~ Year 762 ~
Sunlight Through A Window (+1 stamina, +1 speed, +1 strength)
Haven Lineup/Founders
The Fury of the Mud Brothers (+1 strength, +3 speed, +1 stamina)

~ Year 763 ~
Ice Cream (+1 stamina)

~ Year 764 ~


:bulletblue: In rps with: group rp (four trouble-making boys), Caeluan(?)


King Creche 1
King Creche 2
Haven Founder Lineup

Hey guys, so I'm in a really serious money situation, so I figured to get me through the next week, I'll be doing a grand total of two (yeah, I'm super sorry, but that's all I really have time for) commissions, in either the category of photomanipulation or a character portrait. I've included examples below. I'm starting with a base price of $15 for both types, but if the character is extremely complex, I may raise it to $18-20, depending on how much time I think it will take.

Sorry, I'm not trying to throw a pity party, I just need to eat this week xD So, come at me with your ideas and inquiries! I'm also super open to exploring new styles and types of characters~ I desperately need to work on diversity in my art!

Thanks everyone! :heart:

Character Portrait Examples:
Sloane by geometric-harmartia Sparrow | Buck | Aspiring Stormbringer by geometric-harmartia


Roccotari #2 by geometric-harmartia Ele by geometric-harmartia

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