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equine art.
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Ele by geometric-harmartia
My new stallion character, Elecampane, for Helovia.

Ignore the feet

Horns: Lesser Kudu 03
Bg: Stock 245
Subject: welsh c stallion
Vibrance - Luz | Doe | Herd Member by geometric-harmartia
Vibrance - Luz | Doe | Herd Member

Luz (Pronunciation: "loos")
Meaning: Light (Spanish origin)
Gender: Doe
Breed: Fawnling
Type: Light-medium build
Height: 10h
Age: 7 years
Year of Birth: 753 of the New Age
Phenotype: Mahogany Bay
Genotype: Ee/Aa/Ff/fwfw
Eye Color: Amber
Design: #5 on Import 7
Genotype: Ee/Aa/Ff/fwfw
Heritage: Pure Glenmore
Mother (NPC) - unknown genotype
Father (NPC) - unknown genotype
Proof of Breeding: N/A

Personality: Love of forest is beginning to be rejuvenated, and in-so-doing, her love of life. Still coming out of her depression, but her newborn son has improved her sense of self-worth immensely. She wishes to do better raising a fawn this time around.

History: Once a light-hearted spirit, Luz was a beauty, dressed in red, proud of her herd and her magic, and happy to open her heart to anyone looking for a friend. However, in the winter of year 756, she was caught on the borders of Blackwood territory during rut season by King Anarawd himself. He defiled her, leaving her with a broken heart and the responsibility of a life she never intended to bear. When her first fawn (Masozi) was born the following spring, Luz spiraled into despair. She loathed the child from the moment she touched the earth. Her irresponsible hatred and low vigor fed the development of her daughter's bitterness. It was only a year and a half later, when Masozi ran away, when Luz finally realized what she'd done.

During the following rut, Luz was in tatters from the inside out. She was so malnourished, she could barely manage more than a walk. By fate, King Drustan was wandering the Glenwood, and happened upon her sorry sight. With his encouragement, kindness, and willfulness to help, Luz slowly began her rehabilitation. She saw the local healer, and followed her instructions on gaining back some of the weight she'd lost. After she had put on a few pounds, Drustan blessed her with a child, furthering the red doe's determination to survive.

When Ronan was born, Luz promised him that she would do right by him, and care for him as she should have cared for Masozi. He is now the light in her life, and her inspiration.

She is now beginning to work more heavily with her magic, since Ronan likes running off alone so often, and has taken on the task of becoming an instructor at the new academy. Her recuperation has hit a positive, exponential slope; although she will never be the doe she once was.



Herd: Glenmore
Herd Position: Herd member
Mate: none
:bulletgreen: Masozi
:bulletred: Ronan (unseen/inactive)


:bulletblack:Type: Earth
:bulletblack:Level: Medium
:bulletblack:Points: 13

Fight Stats:

:bulletblack:Speed: 4
:bulletblack:Stamina: 3
:bulletblack:Strength: 2
:bulletblack:Experience: 2

Herb Lore:

:bulletblack:Level: Basic
:bulletblack:Points: 0

Other art:
:bulletred: Luz Christmas collab
:bulletred: Rejuvination - Luz (Old Ref)
:bulletred: A Light (Older ref)

:bulletred: <img src="geometric-harmartia.deviantart…"> (Magic +2)
:bulletred: On the border (King Anarawd x Luz breeding - art & partial lit)
:bulletred: Don't Dawdle (Masozi's birth - art & lit)
:bulletred: Discouragement (Seeing Dead Oak - lit)
:bulletred: Discontentment (Seeing Dead Oak - art)
:bulletred: Rusted Hearts (Drustan x Luz breeding - art)
:bulletred: Rusted Hearts (Drustan x Luz breeding - lit)


geometric-harmartia's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm still finding a place in the artist world. I have a great appreciation for art...I just wish I could execute it better. I'm starting to find my niche with trees, forest landscapes, etc. but I'd give my pinky toe to be able to paint a gorgeous portrait :heart:
This is just a personal journal to keep track of everything, and if anyone has anything they'd like to add (that perhaps I've forgotten about), leave a comment n' let me know! :picknose:

To-Do Art/Rp

:bulletblue: Cha-risa
 - try to finish last pic w/ Friday Night
 - start a pic w/ Skaði

:bulletblue: Acanthus
 - waiting for breeding tests

:bulletblue: Luz
 - possible rp w/ Maeja
 - rp w/ Vasily

:bulletblue: Masozi
 - collab w/ Arun (DatNachtmaehre)
 - rp w/ Anarawd (ScunnyElse)
 - rp w/ Sinead

:bulletblue: Waiting on:
 - new Tokota
 - new Narasingha

:bulletblue: Skaði
 - on hiatus until further notice

:bulletblue: Finish dat one pic w/ that boi n the thing...

:bulletblue: Finish dat other pic w/ the nice bg...

:bulletblue: Work on dream character portraits

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